A foreigner's perspective on Sanskrit

Written by Daniel Dattoli on 17 February 2018

Testimonial received from Shri Daniel, student of Jnana.com, who lives in La Paz (Bolivia)

My interest in learning Sanskrit appeared after being exposed to Bharatiya Sanskriti through different mediums. I started with japa, prarthana, and other practices, which provided me with several benefits, including some knowledge about the Self and obtaining a more stable mind. Afterwards, my interest to go deeper into Sanatana Dharma increased, and I was inspired to learn Sanskrit, along with my other practices. Truly, I feel that no language in general can convey in such a succinct manner, concepts and answers about the world and the purpose of our life, which are of universal nature, beyond religion, culture…


Sanskrit has definitely benefitted me, by gaining knowledge, interacting with many jidnyasus and learning from them. I think Bharatiya Samskriti and Sanatana Dharma as a whole pave the way towards understanding the truth or true science, philosophy and justice. That is to say, obtaining knowledge about the Soul (AtmaVidya) and by realizing the different manifestations of Dharma.


I was interested in taking Suvarna Sanskrit course with Jnana.com because I feel that it essentially teaches Samskriti. It is practice-oriented and the concepts seen in shlokas can be applied in everyday life. The interest may have actually started before knowing about the existence of such a course, because the verse from the Bhagavad Gita that Jnana.com has selected to be shown on its homepage, was very inspiring for me to introspect upon.