Bring out the Hanuman in us

Written by Arvind Kamath on 01 August 2017

Bring out the Hanuman in us

When I was associated with the IT (Information Technology) world, I often came across people (especially youngsters) who had to be reminded about their true potential to get the best out of them. It could be lack of confidence or maybe the fear of failure or could be even averseness to taking risks, that perhaps led such people to not give their best shot. I had often found people, who have the right potential, not boasting about their inherent strengths but they would rather prefer to remain subdued. Such people required the help of a right mentor or leader to bring out their hidden talent or strength. Such people slowly gained confidence to become STAR performers, often hailed as "hidden gems".

I used to rely on ancient Indian mythologies like the Ramayana or Mahabharata to draw analogies and bring people closer to reality so that they can co-relate and understand the subject much better.

One such story that has always remained in my memory is the one in Ramayana (an Epic from the Hindu Mythology), wherein the monkey army (Vaanar Sena) under Sugreeva (King of the Vaanar Sena) is entrusted the task of finding Sita, held captive by Ravana in his Lankan abode. No one in the large army is confident to take the mighty leap to reach Lanka since the distance was about 100 miles, with the imminent danger of falling into the deep ocean below. That’s when Sugreeva approaches his trusted advisor, Jambavan to find a solution. Jambavan knew that only Hanuman had the potential to cross the ocean, that too with ease. He approached Hanuman who was extremely reluctant as well as apprehensive of taking the leap across the ocean. Jambavan gave Hanuman the confidence and made him realise his enormous abilities and motivated him to fly across the ocean in search of Sita. Why just Lanka, he can take a leap that could take him across the globe, he said. Hanuman gains confidence from the pep talk and agrees to take the leap to find Sita. And as we know he successfully crossed the ocean with one leap; found Sita and then destroyed Lanka, the abductor's abode.

We are all like Hanuman. We do not understand our true potential unless we put it to test. We always have the fear of failure which becomes a big barrier towards achieving our goal or objective. That is when we need a mentor like Jambavan to give us the confidence and make us realise our own potential.

From the above story, we have few learnings which can be put to use in our daily work life. Lets not fear failure; lets not remain in our comfort zone; unless you take risks there is no return; evaluate your potential than wait for a mentor to help you understand yourself and importantly grab a new opportunity that comes your way. In short "Bring out the Hanuman in us"